Car Warranty Guide: Bumper-to-Bumper vs Powertrain Warranty

Do you know the difference between these two warranties? Most people think that the powertrain warranty covers just as much as a bumper-to-bumper warranty, but you get a lot more with the ladder. A powertrain warranty covers the main parts of your vehicle that make it run. This includes the engine, powertrain, and some of your drivetrain components. You should read over a warranty closely to see which parts are covered.

Bumper-to-bumper warranties are typically included with new cars and cover almost everything from the front end to the back end of your vehicle...
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Car Guide: FWD vs. RWD

You have probably heard the terms front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and even all-wheel drive. All of these terms describe the type of drivetrain setup that you have. There are a few reasons that you would choose RWD over FWD and vice versa.

Some of these factors include weather, tires, driver skill, and performance. If you are looking for a drivetrain that can handle it all, then you may be looking for AWD.

FWD drivetrains means that the vehicle's mass is just on the front tires. This is where all the power is applied. In RWD models, the power is…
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History, Facts & More: 4WD vs. AWD

The automotive industry as a whole has an incredible history to it, that dates back to more than one hundred years ago. Going through the history alone, you see exactly how cars evolve.

The idea of four-wheel drive has existed for much longer than you might give it credit for! Four-wheel drive has existed as far back as the early 1900's, whereas its counterpart, all-wheel drive didn't come into the scene until the 1960's. This dramatic time gap isn't the only incredible difference between two such similar commodities.

The two operate almost opposite of each other…
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Things to check before hitting the road

Before taking a trip with your car on the road, it is essential to make sure that everything is in check. Whether you are driving a small distance or across the states, Sam Leman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington suggests the following tips certify that your vehicle and the occupants are set for the next adventure.

Schedule a checkup

Do a necessary maintenance on the car...
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Prevent a Holiday Food Mess in your Car

Driving with food can end up bad. It doesn't have to. We've all probably endured bad situations with food travel. The food needs to be contained. Spills aren't fun. They're messy. They're tough to clean up. They're especially stressful during the holidays. You don't want to make your favorite casserole and have it end up on the floorboard. It's just not a good look. That's why it's so important to prepare for travel with food.

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Take a Step Forward - Get Your Car Financing Pre-Approved

Now at our dealership you can take advantage of an easier process when it comes to getting your auto loan pre-approved. This simple step can be accomplished by going to our website where you can fill in some basic information. In a short time of a few minutes, our finance department at Sam Leman Chrysler Jeep Dodge will get back to you with an approval amount.

This gives you the information that you need in order to get to the dealership and concentrate on what you are looking for in the way of a vehicle. Rather than worrying if your…

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Seasonal Maintenance Of Your Vehicle Improves Performance

Certainly, you already realize that regular vehicle maintenance is important. However, it's also important to perform a maintenance check with the change of the season. Your car is exposed to different weather conditions with the change of the season. Summertime changes include more dust, pollen, and heat. Cold weather changes include slippery ice on the road, snow, and freezing weather. If you want to ensure that your car works properly...

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle https://t.co/JoGN4AZa31 pic.twitter.com/EIU3xfTuNR

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith)
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What Makes the 2017 Chrysler 300 Such a Fine Family Vehicle?

If you're perusing the full-size sedan segment for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Sam Leman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington think you may well meet your ideal match in ours, the 2017 Chrysler 300.

And what makes us say that?

Find out from CarGurus pundit Nicole Wakelin; she's here with more on all things 300:

While we definitely dig the 300's base engine -- a 292-horsepower V6 -- it nonetheless pales in comparison to the available 5.7-liter V8 upgrade.

Syncing with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the V8 turns out a tremendous 363 horsepower and 394…

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