Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Mechanic Working On Brakes


If you’re driving around Normal and you suddenly hear a grinding noise when you press down on the brake pedal, you’re probably naturally a little distressed. After all, your brakes are maybe the most important way of keeping you safe on the road, so any problem with them might be cause for concern. 

If you’re asking yourself, “Why are my brakes grinding?”, there could be a few different causes. Not all of them are necessarily a big deal, but you still want to get the issue addressed and fixed as soon as possible. You might want to put off service or repair until a more convenient time, but the National Highway Safety Administration attributes faulty brakes as the cause of as many as 25% of all road accidents each year. If you hear your brakes making a grinding noise, you should bring your car to our service center right away. Our team has more information on the cause of brakes grinding while stopping or driving in the guide below.

Brakes Grinding When Stopping

If you press down on the brake pedal while driving and you notice your brakes grinding when stopping, here are the most common causes:

  • Your brake pads could be wearing out and losing their thickness. Just like most components of your vehicle, your brake pads will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. As the brake pads reach the end of their lifespan, you’ll start to hear a squealing or grinding noise when you press down on the brake pedal, which is called “brake scrubbing.”
  • A sharper grinding noise when braking could be caused by problems with your brake disc and calipers, which could also cause a rumbling sensation as you step down on the pedal. If this is the cause, you might need to replace your brake pad, disc, rotor, or all three. 
  • If you apply the full brakes and hear a grinding noise, it could be your Anti-Lock Braking System, or ABS. The ABS activates when you step down all the way on the brake pedal, and could also cause a vibrating sensation on the pedal.

Brakes Grinding When Driving

If you hear a grinding noise throughout your car when you’re driving on the Champaign roads, it’s probably related to small rocks and debris getting inside your brake system and bouncing off the caliper and rotor. This isn’t necessarily a problem at first, but if you don’t take care of it, the debris will start to cause more serious damage to the brakes. You can also try to remove the debris yourself if you have experience with cars, but it can get quite complicated if you haven’t done it before.

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If you’ve noticed your brakes making a grinding noise and you want it taken care of, go ahead and schedule a service appointment, and we’ll get you back on the Decatur roads in no time! You can also contact our office with any questions, or stop by our dealership to talk to a member of our team in person.

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