How to Clean an Air Filter

Hand removing cabin air filter

Have you cleaned your cabin air filter lately? We’ve found that a lot of Bloomington drivers don’t realize that a cabin air filter needs to be cleaned regularly with an air filter cleaner. What does a cabin air filter do? Does the cabin air filter affect the A/C and air quality? Our service department wants to help you keep your car running in top shape, so we answer all of those questions below in our guide on how to clean an air filter.



How to Clean an Air Filter – Step by Step

Did you know that a severe pollen season, like the ones that sometimes occur in the Normal area, requires frequent air filter cleaning using an air filter cleaner? Follow the steps below to clean the cabin air filter in your car.

How to Clean an Air Filter in a Car

  • Locate and remove the cabin air filter.
  • Shake off all of the loose dirt and debris.
  • Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove the rest of the dirt.
  • Spray on some air filter cleaner, following the directions on the container.
  • Use a toothbrush or other soft brush to scrub the filter.
  • Rinse the filter and hang it to dry.
  • Reinstall the filter once it has dried.

Does the Cabin Air Filter Affect the A/C and Air Quality?

What does a cabin air filter do for you and your car? It prevents dust and pollen from coming into the cabin through the ventilation and climate control system. This is pretty vital for the safety of those who have respiratory conditions. But the more dirt and debris on the filter, the harder the A/C has to work to pull air in from the inside, rendering the A/C unable to cool the car as effectively as before. That’s why we think it’s so important for Champaign drivers to know how to clean an air filter.

Trust Your Car to the Experts at Sam Leman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bloomington

Are you thinking it might be time to clean or change the cabin air filter in your car? Bring it down to our service center and let our trained professionals look at it. If you found this guide to be helpful, check out our tips on how to rotate tires and how to be fuel efficient when driving. We’re just down the road from Decatur, so drop by or contact us today!


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