How To Take the Doors off a Jeep

2021 Jeep Wrangler with No Doors

Whether you want to take off your Jeep Wrangler doors or pop off the roof for your next big adventure, learning how to take apart your Jeep opens up brand-new possibilities for outdoor travel. But, how do you remove each part without compromising your car’s safety? Sam Leman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bloomington is here to walk you through the process. Keep reading to see how to take the doors off a Jeep, or just schedule your next service with us at Sam Leman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bloomington!

Why Would I Take Apart My Jeep?

Jeep vehicles are designed to be enjoyed, which is why there are so many options for customization. Not only can you choose from tons of models, packages, and accessories, but you can also modify your Jeep at home. 

Outdoor enthusiasts often take off the doors of their Jeeps in order to connect with the elements, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on an epic journey. However, another practical reason to take apart a Jeep is due to fuel economy. The lighter your vehicle, the better its efficiency both on- and off-road!

How To Remove the Jeep Wrangler Doors

Removing your Jeep Wrangler doors takes some time and effort, but most Normal and Champaign drivers find the task doable at home. It’s important to have all your tools in place, as well as a large space to work comfortably. Here’s how to take the doors off a Jeep: 

  • Fold down the side mirrors and roll down the windows to protect the glass.
  • Disconnect any power cables. You’ll either remove the footwell under your dashboard or by the B-pillar. After taking off the clips, the power cables should pop off easily.
  • Remove the door straps by gently lifting them off the hooks.
  • Remove the bolt from the door hinges. 
  • Slide the door off and away. Repeat these steps with the remaining doors.
  • Finally, disable the door alarm. Detach the negative lead from the battery and put it aside. Remove the fuse box cover and remove the “Door Jam Defeat” fuse. Reconnect the negative lead to the battery.
  • Store the doors in a safe and dry place, and lubricate the hinges to make the process even easier next time.

How to Take a Top Off a Jeep

Now you know how to remove your Jeep Wrangler doors, but how to take a top off a Jeep is a different story. Removing the roof is a much more complicated process that requires a great deal of space. It’s difficult to maneuver the top off the car without risking damage, so it’s best to leave this more labor-intensive job to the professionals. We recommend contacting our service center to learn more about your options!

Customize Your Jeep at Sam Leman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bloomington

At Sam Leman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bloomington, we’re here for all of your Jeep-related needs. From removing your Jeep Wrangler doors to creating your custom factory order, let us know how we can help! Contact us with any questions about Jeep ownership in the Decatur area, or just stop by our showroom in Bloomington!

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