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Regardless if you’re a marathoner or a busy, stay-at-home parent, maintaining full functionality is essential to tackling a hectic day.And if you wake up one morning with a strange, sharp pain, you want to make sure that you address it as quickly as possible so that nothing stands between you and your responsibilities.

Fortunately, we’re here to keep your body in sprightly shape with this guide to the Best Chiropractors near Bloomington, IL. Thanks to these doctors, you’ll relieve your pain and keep up with any of your upcoming activities and events.

Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center


At Eastland Chiropractic, full mobility can only be had with the incorporation of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why this wellness center takes a step beyond the typical chiropractic treatments by providing a long list of health-promoting services that boost your recovery.

From Reiki to Core Stabilization Classes to Healthy Cooking programs, and just about anything else you can imagine, you’ll work on the other parts of your life that are key to promoting the overall performance of your body.

But if you’d rather focus on healing your injury before trying out this range of wellness options, this spine-strengthening sanctuary begins each consultation by carefully reviewing your issue before suggesting the treatments that are best for your unique condition or injury.

With their dedication to your community’s well-being, you’ll receive the care you need-whether you’re a senior citizen, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, or any other type of go-getter.

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Elite Chiropractic & Rehab

For over 11 years, Dr. Robert Brown and his associates at Elite Chiropractic & Rehab have been serving local residents of all ages with comprehensive care that goes beyond the goal of simple pain relief.

Instead, this wellness enthusiast focuses his attention on giving every patient the treatment protocols required to get back into prime health for the long run.

And, unlike other doctors, this board-certified professional ultizies his own chiropractic techniques to relieve his occasional heartburn.

By doing so, Dr. Brown avoided invasive surgery that would’ve resulted in a long recovery process. That way, you can trust that the methods employed during your rehab or chiropractic appointments have the proven power to boost your energy and help you get back into fighting shape.

Some of the most popular modalities this team uses to heal your body are things like Spinal Decompression, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Graston Technique, and more.

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Mitchell Family Chiropractic


A healthy lifestyle begins at a young age, which is why Mitchell Family Chiropractic focuses on treating each member of your household with personal chiropractic care and rehabilitation.

Once you arrive for your consultation, Dr. Susan Mitchell, Dr. Kasey Riesberg, or Dr. Jeff Schmidgall will provide you with their utmost attention while listening to your symptoms and performing an evaluation.

From there, expecting mothers, young children, and all other patients receive a treatment plan that includes techniques that properly address your issue.

Plus, this local practice offers up Nutrition Response Testing, which analyzes your body and tests for any unidentified food intolerances, digestive issues, nutritional deficiencies, and more that could be causing your pain or condition.

By pairing an all-inclusive chiropractic treatment program with nutritional expertise, you’ll have all the tools you need to make a comeback from your pain and make a full recovery.

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