Jeep Compass Interior


One of the first things that you look at when you are shopping for a new vehicle is the exterior. Many times, you have to inquire with a dealership employee to see the inside so the exterior is what you form your opinion on first. When you see the Jeep Compass for the first time you will fall in love with the outside but you’ll fall even more in love once you open the doors and see what the interior has to offer.

The seating in the Compass is all leather and extremely soft and comfortable. You can upgrade and choose from a variety of colors if you would like as well. The interior is all black and very sleek. The center console is well designed and very easy to use. You’ll get all the latest and greatest technology as well with cameras on the exterior that you can view from your seven-inch center display. And if you’re comparing Jeep models, be sure to check out Jeep Grand Cherokee interior features too.

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